Thursday, November 24, 2016

Florida Family Photo Session.

It's been a few months since I've shot this families photos and they have been super patient in waiting to see them. Life gets a little crazy at times and even more so when you live in a tiny camper with little to no wifi. That part alone makes it very difficult to get alot accomplished because it seems you are always going over on data. Plus, it doesn't help that small mountain town living doesn't offer a lot of free wifi anywhere. Never the less, here is their photo session. They are such a sweet family with three crazy little kiddos and a new one on the way. I met Amanda back in Williamsburg, Virginia and since then we have both gone on to new locations across the United States. It's always pretty neat to meet up down the road so that we can catch up and chat about life's happenings.

Thanks a ton Amanda and fam for allowing me to capture this journey you guys are on! Best of luck with the new baby on the way!! We'll have to meet up again soon! :)