Thursday, November 24, 2016

Florida Family Photo Session.

It's been a few months since I've shot this families photos and they have been super patient in waiting to see them. Life gets a little crazy at times and even more so when you live in a tiny camper with little to no wifi. That part alone makes it very difficult to get alot accomplished because it seems you are always going over on data. Plus, it doesn't help that small mountain town living doesn't offer a lot of free wifi anywhere. Never the less, here is their photo session. They are such a sweet family with three crazy little kiddos and a new one on the way. I met Amanda back in Williamsburg, Virginia and since then we have both gone on to new locations across the United States. It's always pretty neat to meet up down the road so that we can catch up and chat about life's happenings.

Thanks a ton Amanda and fam for allowing me to capture this journey you guys are on! Best of luck with the new baby on the way!! We'll have to meet up again soon! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Springfield, Missouri High School Senior Photography.

Shooting Gabriel's senior photos was a pleasure mainly for the fact that we have lots of history. I just can't believe he will be graduating from high school this year. Several years ago, I coached him in swimming while I worked for Missouri State Aquatics. I also coached his brother and shot his brother's senior photos as well. Plus, on top of all that, his father was my doctor when delivering my second child, Makenna. Gabriel is super talented in swimming and in playing the piano. It always amazes me to see kids I've taught grow up and do amazing things as they head off into college. I have no doubt that he will change the world. His whole family is nothing short of awesome!! 

It was great getting to see you Gabe and remember, 
Adventure is out there!  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lovely locations in the U.S.

In May of 2014, we sold pretty much everything we owned, moved out of our house and hit the road for a life of adventure and the unknown. We had no clue where we were going to end up or what exactly our plan was. We knew at the time that we were heading south for winter to the lovely state of Florida. Anything after that was just a toss up. Florida was home for roughly 6 months where Chris worked at Ron Jon Surf Shop and we all enjoyed everying the sunny state had to offer.

In time, it just so turned out that the RV we purchased, which was used, was a complete piece of crap. We ended up having to dump it and downsized even more into a 77' Sunliner that is 13 feet long. That's our home as of today and we're all still alive to talk about it. As of now, we are in gorgeous Colorado working for a rafting company in the summer and a ski resort in the winter. This life has had so many ups but just as many downs. It's definitely not easy but truth be told, we still wouldn't trade it. The memories we've created, the places we've seen and the people we've met have made it all worthwhile. Plus, we only live once and we kind of wanted to know we did all we could to give our kids the best experience at roadschooling all while have a ton of fun.

Here are a few of the gorgeous places we've been to in the past two and a half years. There are many more, so hopefully I'll get around to posting more of our adventures. Travel on!