Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Williamsburg, VA Engagement Session: Brittany & Brandon

I have not been very good at keeping up with the blog the past few months.... oh my. It's been a zoo around here and I'm pretty much trying to keep afloat. Lots has been happening and I find myself staying up later and later to get things done, which by the way is not the norm for me. I'd much rather go to bed early and get up earlier than the other way around. :) But anyway, I'm going to try to post some more images of just life and the happenings... AKA: Try!

This past Friday I met with Brittany and Brandon at a cute little park here in town that is on the water. They will be getting married next month, so you will be seeing those soon, and I'm super excited!! You may have seen some photos of them in the fall that we had done as well... adorable. They are officially engaged and moving forward fast with the wedding. Sometimes that's the way to go. I've actually known Brittany for many years and it's crazy to think that I will be photographing her sweet wedding. It's going to be just lovely and I just can't wait!!

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