Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new years.

For New Years we had some long time family friends come visit. They have 5 kids.. 3 girls in college and a boy and girl still at home. The oldest one couldn't make it though. We don't usually do anything for New Years and usually bring in it by sleeping through the parties. It's different now that we have kids and aren't in college ourself anymore. It doesn't bother us. This time we spent it at my parents house however playing games like Apples to Apples, the boys playing video games and the others watching TV. My two girls were asleep long before the clock struck 12. While they were all here we decided on doing some photos. It's not often that we see them and they are more like family than friends. No matter how long we go without seeing them, we can all pick up right where we left off. Oh those good old memories! Here are two for now. I will post more once I get my actual computer back. It's getting worked on because the CD drive is broke. :( sad! Photobucket This one makes me laugh! Photobucket

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