Friday, June 28, 2013

Surf Camp Virginia Beach

I haven't been very good at posting the happenings around here and trust me, there are many happenings. We are about to be go on a mini trek across the U.S and there will be tons of photos no doubt. It's that time of year when Montana goes back to St. Jude for his check ups and visits. We look forward to this and being able to see his friends and doctors. After this, we go on our family vacation and we are SUPER excited!! 16 states in about 2.5 weeks. :)

However, at the begining of this month Montana and my brother Adam did a surf camp with WRV down in Virginia Beach. Each morning we were out of the house at 6:30am to drive the hour there and deal with horrible morning traffic. That wasn't fun but the camp was. They had a good time. Adam stood several times and Montana tried. He was more hestitant and didn't quite like coming back in from the water. The surf would usually catch his board and send him tumbling... his little light weight body attached to an 8 foot board didn't do him any justice but he still had fun. With more practice, I'm sure he will eventually get it.

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