Monday, June 17, 2013

Richmond Wedding Photography : Ashley and Joel

It's been a very interesting few weeks to say the least. Most of it has been a non stop whirl wind of activity which has been good, hectic, busy, fun and a blur of a time. I shot the wedding for Ashley and Joel about two weeks ago in Richmond during all of this chaoticness. It rained and rained that morning and then stopped right when I arrived up there. It was the day following the tropical storm when I was supposed to do the Tough Mudder that ended up being cancelled due to the course being pretty much ruined. It was also during the time that my sister in-law flew in to join us for tough mudder. We were bummed to say the least. Then about 4 days ago, we had some more bad storms that whipped through, knocked down trees and caused us to be without power yet again. Like I said, it's been an exciting time.   But during all this, the wedding that took place was AMAZING!!! The sun came out, the venue was lovely, guests flew in from Alaska and the bride and groom were stunning. It was a wedding that I had looked forward to for months. When the day arrived it was everything I expected and more. The location, the decorations, the colors, the weather and the atmosphere where all breath taking. I'm so happy to have been apart of Ashley and Joels big day and to have been there to capture all their special moments. They are such a unique, loving and caring couple who are such a joy to be around. The stories they share are great and I'm sure they will have many more great ones as they begin their journey together. Congrats Ashley and Joel!!!

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