Monday, May 13, 2013

Our mini vacation: OBX

This past weekend, the family and I packed up the car, threw sand toys in the car, food in the cooler and headed to the Outer Banks. It was a much needed mini vacation from the craziness of the world. Sometimes life gets so hectic that you never really get to enjoy the down time away from electronics and "things". Our kids love the outdoors and it's not a hard thing for them step away from the T.V or any of that stuff. They prefer to be outside running and playing and if you add water, well you won't see them for hours..  maybe even days. We think it was a weekend that was meant to happen. When we arrived, we found out that cabin we were staying in was called "The Sea Oat"... Aka: Oatman. :) Perfect. 

We left on Friday and came back on Sunday. It was roughly two full days of sun, sand, the pool, catching crabs, building sand castles, and BBQ. We even managed to throw in some "schooling" by taking them to the Hatteras Lighthouse and the Wright Brothers National Monument. Montana thought that was pretty cool because he had just learned about the first flight and to see where it actually happened, doesn't get much better than that. It's funny how our kids all grow up in the same house and in the same way but are just so different. It's also neat to see what interests they each have and how their personalities grow. Myla was totally into the sea shells. Chris and I would find the coolest shells and bring them to her but she was mainly interested in the broken, crushed and battered ones. The tiniest piece she would say was beautiful, gorgeous or really neat. We gave up and let her do her thing. By the end, that girl had 3 buckets full of what she says where her special collection. Makenna, was everywhere. She is the adventurer and never stays in one place long. She loved to jump the waves, run and scream. The ocean was her playground. Montana spends most of his time trying to find crabs, bugs and fish. He is our nature lover and loves all the living creatures. We love each of them equally and feel blessed to be their parents. It turned out to be a great Mother's Day Weekend. Until the next trip.... 

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