Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yorktown Wedding Photography : Brittany and Brandon

Last Sunday I shot a wedding for a bride I have known for quite some time. It was such a special wedding and a very meanigful one for me considering her story and mine. She lost her brother 6 months after I lost mine and since that time I have shot her high school senior photos, her engagement session and now her wedding. She also grew up with my twin brothers and they were all homeschooled together. Crazy how life just continues right before your eyes and then before you know it, they are all grown and on their own. I'm sure that is how I will feel with my own children but you also see it when you photograph babies who then go to elementary school and then they are graduating. It really does go fast! 

The entire day was calling for rain and many people far and close prayed for a clear day without a single rain drop. Well, it didn't rain until everyone was leaving and what a blessing it was for this bride and groom. Brittany and Brandon had a perfect day surrounded by family and friends who were there to help celebrate their special day! I feel blessed to have been able to capture the love they have for one another on such an important day! Congrats to you both and good luck with all your adventures coming up! Hugs. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures and I am so glad that she had the day that she and her husband deserved.