Thursday, May 9, 2013

Virginia Run for the Fallen. My brother. Our Hero

One week ago today a run took place that started in Fort Story, Virginia (day 1) and went to Arlington National Cemetery (day 4). It was put on by Honor and Remember, done by a team of 18 runners and countless volunteers that helped along the way. It was an amazing sight to see and our family was proud to be there at mile 44 to welcome the runners to Paul's marker. As we stood at Paul's marker, waiting for the runners, vehicles and traffic to make their way to us, we stood there with honor and in awe. To this day, it is still so hard to think that we are now a Gold Star Family, that we no longer have my brother, that he gave the ultimate sacrifce and that we will never see him again. We are now one of "those" familes. However, the support of so many people and the caring by complete strangers makes us carry our loss with pride and with honor. Paul was and is a hero. He will forever remain in our hearts and we will never forget what he gave so that every single person in this country can live in the land of the free.  So when all those people sitting in their cars, stuck in traffic, mad they were late to an event, dinner, or outing... I was glad. Glad they had to actually acknowledge that these men and women were running for our fallen soliders, that these soldiers wouldn't ever get to be late to anything again, would miss their children growing up and there will always be an empty seat during family dinners.  I was glad the traffic went on for miles and miles... for each and every hero. Thank you to the runners who ran 236 miles for all the Virginia Fallen. We are grateful for the awareness you helped bring to the heroes of our country. Thank you!!! 

Freedom truly is not free... my brother paid for it.

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