Friday, February 10, 2012


I miss art. I miss the mess, the drawing, the painting.. all of it. I graduated with a degree in graphic design and illustration. It's always been my passion since I can remember. When I first went to college I couldn't decide between physical education or art. Either way, my dad always gave me a hard time. He likes to say I got a degree in coloring. :) It's actually come in very handy. I bought my first camera by making logos for other photographers, I design all my own cards, business cards, posters, websites and what not. I love it. However, what I miss the most is the hands on drawing. Not the computer based stuff, but the pen and ink, pastels, cutting, and painting. My husband and I met in a drawing 3 class. We reminisce those days quite often. Oh the memories from that class. Now that I homeschool, I find myself slowly being able to get back into it again. Not quite the college material I did but it's still art. My son is starting to love art himself. I'm hoping it will be something he takes to. Doing art is a stress reliever, it's freeing and it's a place to put on paper anything you feel. It's actually like writing but with illustrations. Paul (my brother) also got into art. We used to send him colored pencils, books, pens, and markers while he was deployed. I love looking at the things he drew and to know that he created them with his own hands. That he held the pencils that drew what we now have hanging on the wall...It's priceless. I've been talking about doing this again for awhile but now I have finally taken that step and am going to actually do what I have been wanting to. Photobucket

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