Wednesday, February 6, 2013

if blankies could talk....

If blankies could talk, this one would have a million stories to share. It would share his fears, his worries, and all the tears. It would share the happiness, the rejoicing, and all the smiles. It could share just about all of Montana's life.

I don't think too many blankies can say they have been to haiti and back. "Blankie" was made by my mom and given to Montana when he was 2 years old. It was part of his birthday present and we didn't quite realize just how important this little blanket would become in our life and his. He received it around May and in November he was diagnosed with leukemia. This little scrap quilt blankie became the most important and stable thing in his life.. besides us of course. It never left his side and I think it was a gift given at just the right time. He was never attached to anything before but now it's actually become a member of the family. :)

His blankie has been through TONS!!! The poor thing has been thrown up on, dragged on the ground, washed billions of times, chewed on, colored on, slept with every single night, and holds more tears than possibly any person could ever know. It has slept through nights of chemo, been through surgeries, had lumbar punctures, and been through rehab and speech.  It has also traveled to Germany, Memphis, Springfield, Kentucky, Dominican Republic, as well as numerous car and plane rides. This blankie has been a rock. After all of that, only one time did we leave it somewhere and I can tell you exactly where that location was and about how devastating it almost became. It was a McDonalds in Springfield, Missouri and boy did we high tale it back there to go and rescue blankie!! And to think that back then we thought it was rough looking. :) Poor blankie has been sewed and restitched three times but now there is nothing left for us to do with it really.

So in honor of blankie and Montana's "best friend" we did a photo session with it. Montana is now 7. It's been 5 years since he received it and this is what a blankie could look like after all the trips, experiences and stories. We have required Montana to leave blankie at home when we go places. It's not allowed to leave unless going on a trip. He still sleeps with it and watches TV with it. When he cries, he still put his head into blankie like he has always done. We're scared to wash it because we're super afraid that we may stick it in the washer and nothing will come out. When all is said and done... we will have it framed for him along with some photos of his life and trek with the most loyal blankie of all.

The photo session with Montana and his blankie.... 

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