Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sad and Pathetic... Scamming our falling soldiers.

I'm going to share with you the sad news of the world. You have probably read this online or seen this on T.V, but this happens and it has happened to my family and to my brother and to so many other military families that I know. I feel it's important that you share it and spread the news please.

The identity of my brother, his photo, his information and his death has been used to get girls, to get money and Lord knows what other awful stuff. It's beyond sickening and heartbreaking. I know all of you who follow me and read up on my blog, know that my brother is a wonderful man who was loved, is loved and beyond missed. To have his photos taken to scam women into sending money... there are no words for it. This stuff does happen. It has happened to us and to him. If you think it's not real... here is an example of a dating site that STILL has his info up!!!

There is no way to follow who has what or who has stolen what. The internet is a big big world and in this big big world are horrible horrible people. Please DO NOT send any money to someone who is claiming to be a U.S Army soldier, marine or anything of the sort. ONLY send to a legit non-profit!! If you happen to see my brother's photo flying around that has nothing to do with the Dumont/Oatman name or family, PLEASE email me or facebook me. We do our best to stop this... to bring the photos and information down. When you send money, however, there is NOTHING we can do... NOTHING, so don't do it!!

Not sure if you are falling for this scam... read this!!

It's sad that I had to even write about this. The families of the fallen have been through enough and dealing with stolen information and images that pertain to their loved one is beyond acceptable. Unfortunately, cyperspace is much bigger than any of us and when something is on the internet it can be stolen, shared and viewed by just about anyone. Even if we didn't post the photos, someone else could and that is out of our control. (copyright is a whole different topic) It's part of the world we live in now and it's just sad that others would stoop to something so low. All we ask.... tell others to NOT send money and fall for this scam. Thank you...

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  1. are you kidding me that is horrible what is wrong with people.. makes me sick is there anything you can do about it?