Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sarah E. Parker - Gone too soon

This little girl is the reason we need a cure. We are not allowing enough cancer research to be geared towards childhood cancer. Even though childhood cancer is relatively rare - only 2% of cancer cases occur in children. But with all the funding that is being done, less than 5% goes to childhood research. More and more children are being diagnosed each year. If we don't start protecting the children, sadly there will be no future of research. It's important we spread the word and share the lives of the children who have gone way too soon. 

Sarah was a sweet and loving little girl. She loved Barney, she loved her money cup, she loved playing at the playground, and she loved to color. Sarah was only 3 when she passed away from anaplastic astrocytoma - a brain tumor. She was our next door neighbor at the Ronald McDonald House and we became quite good friends with them. It was beyond heartbreaking to hear of her passing. Montana was at an age that he didn't understand it himself but it is our mission as his parents to help him to understand what cancer does and to always give back. We have photos of them playing and we share the stories of what they did together. One being, honorary Peabody Duck Masters at the Peabody Hotel. I'll never forget the two of them chasing the ducks around the fountain at the hotel before they both got in trouble for scaring the poor things. However, we laughed. Here are two very sick kids laughing at the simple things. 

So, if you ever debate on what charity to give to... St. Jude is amazing. The patient never pays a thing and never sees a bill. They research continually to help us all find a cure!! 

Love you always Sarah! You will never be forgotten but rather remembered for the little hero that you are and the inspiration you became. 

“she flew up to heaven on the wings
of angels”

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