Thursday, November 29, 2012

Same locations & same pose

Many times when going to shoot a session, the family, engagement couple, and high school seniors like the same locations. As a photographer, sometimes I think "how can I make it look unique?". It's really not an issue to me to shoot at the same place over and over. I've come to find out that the family and the people in the photo are what truly make the image anyway. Yes, the location and background settings help to define their style but more importantly.. it's the people.

Take for example "The Hill". The hill is located in Springfield, Missouri at a park downtown. It's been used a number of times. Not only by me but by pretty much every other photographer in Springfield. Either way, the images are always cute and unique to the family. No matter how many times an idea has been used, photographers have to remember that this family you are working with didn't use the idea or maybe even the location before. So to them, it's awesome, unique, and special.

Another example is the jumping shot during weddings and family sessions. How many times have I done a jumping shot... I can't even remember. But, the bride and groom enjoy them, the bridal party usually has fun and they all end up laughing. It's also a good way to break the "I don't know how to stand or I'm so shy" pose. I try to approach them differently so they aren't always the same kind of jump but in the end... it's unique to that wedding party. They don't care if it's been done before because they aren't in the photo of the wedding party taken the weekend before. They are all in the photo that is about to be taken now. So therefore, the jumping shot happens over and over.

Just remember, that when you go to a session, be YOU. Wear clothes that express your style, taste and personality. Show who you are, what your family is like and the rest will fall into place. When all is said and done... you will be happiest when you are relaxed, no matter how many times a session has been done in that same location or the same pose has been done before. Because YOU are the one who is going to rock that session.

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