Monday, November 5, 2012

Williamsburg Virginia Family Photography : The Baker Family

Oh where to start?.. Let's see, I've known Jennifer and Cory for quite awhile now. Jennifer was a suitemate of mine during my very first year of college. So that means we are flashing back to '98.. eek. It was fun though. And then we became room mates my Junior and Senior year. There are so many memories we have together.. ahh the college life. One day she brought home this guy Cory, who she was in love with, he became her husband, they have three kids and now they live happily ever after. That's pretty much the gist of it. :) 

When I went to Germany with my family three years ago, they were stationed over there and we had the chance to travel around for a bit with her and they even put us all up at their house. That's alot of people to put up in one place. And then now, they got stationed in D.C, so I've gotten to see them a bit as well. She was actually so kind as to watch the girls while I did my photo shoot in the Dominican... forever grateful for that one. My kids just love their little boys. It amazes me that through the years we can still catch up, hang out, the kids can meet and it can still feel like '98. Some things never change. 

Congrats to them on their newest addition with little miss Finley. She is as sweet as can be and did so well on her own photo shoot. She didn't really want to have any photos taken with the family though. :) Either way, she did great and the family looks amazing. I love them all to pieces. 

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