Friday, November 2, 2012

Williamsburg Winery Engagement Session : Christine and Geoff

It's been a crazy week. It's late right now, well late for me anyway. One A.M is late for me.. really late. I am not a night person but rather an early morning person. If it came down to staying up late and working or getting up at the crack of dawn and working, I pick the crack of dawn. There have been days that I get up at 3 am to try to finish stuff. It just comes easier. I guess it's all those years of swimming. However, I was really wanting to get this session up for Christine and Geoff before the end of the week. They have been super patient while I've been editing the past 14 sessions. Needless to say, I made it to theirs and it's time to post about how great they are. Christine was in my sisters wedding and we also worked together at Water Country. Seriously, the world really does come full circle. This has been happening way too much lately. Someone knows someone who you never thought would have known that someone. ha.. crazy.  Anyway, this session was shot at the Williamsburg Winery. I love it there. The light is amazing and the property is gorgeous of course. You can't go wrong shooting at the vineyards. When they decided on this location I knew they would so rock it. Check out how cute they are. I'm really looking forward to their wedding. It's going to be amazing!! 

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