Thursday, October 25, 2012

Once a Fighter.. always a Fighter!

If I have learned anything about younger children who battle cancer, it's that they battle this horrible disease in such a way that makes others look at them in awe. These kids get up day in and day out to go to hospitals, to get chemo, to have surgeries, throw up, cry, lose their hair and more times than not, they have a smile on their face. It's amazing. They truly are heroic and a complete inspiration to so many people. Heck, they should be an inspiration to absolutely everyone. 

Brooklyn is no different. She reminds me of so many of our sweet friends that battled cancer that were girls. She is bubbly, giggles at lots of things, curious, quick to make new friends, not afraid, and absolutely adorable of course. She actually reminds me alot of Montana. He was always willing to talk to anyone even though kids would ask why he had no hair. Nothing fazed him and he truly thought that all kids were doing what he was doing on a day to day basis. He didn't understand that he was different and I saw a lot of that in Brooklyn. I'm so thankful that she comes across that way because she isn't any different than other girls her age. She is just so special and everyone she meets will soon realize that. 

When Montana was first diagnosed we heard of a local boy named Ethan who had just beat cancer and was all done. To know that he went through three years of treatments and we were just getting started was a scary thing yet through him we saw light on the other side. He was a few years older than Montana and it gave me complete HOPE that Montana would also conquer this beast. I hope that when Brooklyn's mom looks at Montana, she will see the same thing for her adorable little girl... nothing but HOPE!! I am so thankful that I got the chance to meet Brooklyn, photograph her sweet little face, and speak with her mom. These are the kind of moments that I cherish because deep down, I truly believe everyone comes into our life for a reason. 

Keep doing what you are doing Brooklyn! Keep being that fighter, keep being that inspiration and no matter what... you will always be a HERO! Blessings to you all!

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