Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Megan: Springfield, Missouri Senior Photography

When I first started swimming for Missouri State, which doesn't feel that long ago, however it obviously has been because I'm about to hit the 10 year mark from when I graduated... ahhh!!  Anyway, we would practice from 4-6pm and towards the end of practice the club team would begin arriving. The youngest kids practiced first over in lane 8 and there would be the cutest little girl that would show up with her parents. She was like 6 and had pretty little ringlets in her hair and all us girls would ooohh and ahhh over her. She'd walk over to the lane and she cried and cried.. she did not want to swim and it was pretty much a daily thing but she was just too adorable and we helped her to get through that. :)

Flash forward now about 11 years and here she is, Megan. I can't believe that I have seen someone actually grow up before my eyes. Being military, we have moved alot and I was rarely around people long enough to see them grow up like that. When I was living in Missouri, I actually got the chance to coach her and she came to Montana's baby shower. It's just nuts. She is gorgeous, sweet, soft spoken, shy, talented and such a kind person. I'm honored that I was able to take her senior photos.

Good Luck Megan in all you do with school, college, and your future... you will go far!
Many hugs... Jessica

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