Friday, October 19, 2012

The Wasson Family

So, when I was to go to Springfield, Missouri I saw that the weather was going to take a dive. It's kind of ironic considering that every time I go to Missouri it's usually January-March and it's freezing. So I thought, hey, it's going to be October and it will be perfect... uh NO! It was like 48 degrees and I needed a winter jacket. Go figure. Needless to say the Wasson Family did A-Mazing for how cold it was. We flew through as many locations as possible and tried to make it quick. The girls were fabulous and didn't hardly complain. It wasn't until the end that the rain started in and they about had enough. 

I love this family. I've been able to keep up with them on facebook and see how their family has grown. Their girls are just adorable and they truly are so lovable. It was my first time meeting the little one and her facial expressions were to die for. The older one cracked me up. Her personality reminds me of my own kids and how could it not when she was singing "call me maybe". :) I had a great time getting to hang out with them even if it was for an hour and in the freezing cold. 


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