Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Jagears Family: Springfield, Missouri

Are they not the cutest family? I totally think so! Michelle and I have been friends on facebook for a few years now and when she heard I was coming to Missouri she said that they most definitely wanted photos done. I was super excited! Not only did they want photos but they have never had professional images of their family taken and I was honored that they chose me. I met up with them in the downtown area where we walked, talked and shot images. It was the perfect evening and much warmer than the weekend before. Like I have stated so many times previous, I love getting to catch up with all of my clients and friends. The kids have grown so much that I actually didn't realize that I used to coach Gabby when she was like 12 or something. Complete craziness! Thanks Michelle for allowing me to shoot your amazingly gorgeous family! 

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