Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a story in the woods.

This past May I went to Germany and Austria with some of my family to shoot a wedding for my german cousin. It was such an amazing trip and my husband fell in love with the european lifestyle. We would love to go back and hopefully we do soon. In the meantime, while we were there I found these super cute dresses known as "dirndls" for the girls. I used to have one when I was little and was really wanting my girls to have one. Such a cute little buy. :) 

Well, I have also been trying to get a session done with the girls wearing them. It just never happened until a few days ago when we did it last second. The weather here has been super foggy lately and there is a unique wooded spot on the way to our house... I thought it would be perfect. So, I changed the girls, grabbed my old little basket from when I was a child and some play food for their pretend picnic. They loved every bit of it. I'm so happy my girls like taking photos. It makes my life so much easier. :) The only thing missing were some capes. That would have been awesome but I don't have any and so such is life. Still loving the photos though. :) 

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