Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Iphone wallpapers

I've been wanting some new iphone wallpaper as my background so I decided to create some of my own and share a couple with you. As you all know, my brother, Sgt Paul Dumont Jr was killed while serving in Afghanistan on Aug. 19, 2009. He too was an artist and liked to draw. He spent alot of his time over in the middle east drawing to pass the time away. We would send him drawing books, pencils, markers and pens. We used to talk quite often about our art work. I miss that. 

These first two backgrounds were designed using his drawings. He drew the cross and the hibiscus flower and I added the color and backgrounds. The third one is a photo of the cross from his headstone in Arlington and the fourth image is of the American Flag flying proudly at Arlington as well. When you use any of these, just know that you are remembering a hero and always honoring our fallen. 

To get the image, just click on it and drag to your desktop. Should work like a charm. Enjoy. 

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