Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Colonial Williamsburg Family Photographer

The weekend before Christmas I got a last minute phone call from a family on vacation who wanted to know if they could have some family photos done. Of course I could do that. My in-laws were coming into town and I had no where I needed to be. The next day was Christmas Eve and all we would be doing was wrapping presents and cleaning the house. So, that morning I met this lovely family and we walked around Colonial to take some photos. All three of these girl were so gorgeous and they all live in a different state. It was neat to see them together knowing that they are all a year apart. It reminded me of my girls who are also a year apart and made me think of what they may be like years from now. I still have time for that but I know that time does go by fast. 

On this day, it was probably the last nice warm day and it turned out perfect for the session. We could not complain, that's for sure. Today it's cold, 43 and raining. What a way to bring in the New Year. So on that note... Happy New Year to you all and many blessings in 2013!! 

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