Friday, September 14, 2012

Freedom Walk

On 9/11 we went to the Operation Homefront Freedom Walk in Hampton. They gave us space to sell our Honor and Support shirts to help fund the playground being built for Paul. They are the kindest people and are always so willing to help out whenever they can. It was a great feeling being there on such an important day. That morning I taught my son about the events that happened that day 11 years ago and even though it's a very hard concept for a child of that age to truly understand what went on, I felt it was important.. it's the reason he lost his uncle as well.

At the walk, there were lots of different booths handing things out, selling things and sharing things. It all felt patriotic in every way. We even had the opportunity to meet some of the Tuskagee Airmen, Freedom Flyers from WWII. The boys thought that was neat of course and loved the plane they got from them. There was music playing, people dancing and kids running around (mostly mine!)

The walk itself was simple and slow. We all started where the event was being held and walked to the other end of the street where they did a tribute to the fallen from 9/11 and for all those who had lost their life since then defending our country. It was nice. I was honored I could be there and take part in such a special ceremony as well as be there with my family on an important day.

Below are photos of my family from the event. I don't usually post a lot of photos of them on the site besides my immediate family, such as kiddos. One of the twins (Brian,18) is in college now and my other sister (Michelle) is stationed in Japan with her husband. Other than that, they are all here to help and of course, Paul is with us in spirit... we do it for him.

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