Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time Management.

Ok. My days are jam packed and many people ask how I get it all done. How do I find the time to travel and yet homeschool.  I honestly find that when you have more things scheduled it's easier to accomplish more because you know how to fill in the empty spaces. The problem I have is when I have down time... what do I do first? Right now I am trying to manage blogging for two websites, photography, fundraising for my brother's playground, homeschooling a preschooler and second grader, keeping the house up on all the chores and still have time to workout and have a few minutes of down time. It gets a little chaotic at times but I think I'm getting it down to a pattern. The planner and I are best friends. I love writing everything down so that I can see the week and month ahead of time. It helps me to know where I am free and when I can do the extra things with the kids. It keeps me organized and on top of things. The other thing I do every single day is create a "to do" list. This is essential to my being on top and feeling accomplished. It also helps me know what has been done and what still needs to be done. I look at it and then begin to knock one thing off at a time. Slowly but surely it all gets finished.

The homeschooling schedule is still being tweaked as the school year just began but I will do a more in depth post on that soon. For now.. check out this little cutie. He was hyper, giddy, and full of energy. I just loved the curls.

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