Thursday, September 6, 2012

wedding updo

One of the main concerns for brides on their wedding day is the updo. How are they going to wear their hair on the big day. It's hard to decide if you want to wear it all up, half up or let it all hang down. Are you going to wear a veil, a tierra, a pretty pin or be natural? It's a tough decision. Many brides will have a trial run to see if what they decided or what they think will work, actually looks good. It's also a good time to plan those bridal portraits if you are going to go that route as well. Not only do you get some good images of you in your dress, you also get to see how your updo will look in photos. I used to stress alot about my hair and when I wore it down it stressed me out even more. Having it all pinned and stuck in place seemed a much easier route for me on my wedding day. Then I wouldn't have to deal with the wind, dancing and all that fun jazz. That's the road that I took for deciding on how to deal with the hairs on my head. :) Remember, everyone is different and although people may give you their opinion, in the end it's only your opinion that truly matters. What is going to make you feel your best? Here are some of my past brides and the route they took when getting their hair done.

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