Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I miss him.

He didn't plan on being a hero, but that's what he became. He was an amazing brother. He was fun and crazy and loving. He was everything you hoped a sibling would be. He helped us to take life less serious. We had the same outlook on a lot of things, with humor being the main similarity. We laughed at a lot and he laughed at me often. Growing up with him was fun and I wouldn't trade any of it for anything. I miss him being here every single day. People think you get over it, you move on and that life just continues. Well it does continue and that's not a choice. 3 years have gone by and he was and is thought of on every single day. I'm not over it. He drives me during my runs, I think of him when I drive, I laugh at the many wild memories and I cry because my heart still hurts from never being able to see him again on this earth. Today he would be 27. Today we would most likely be BBQing with him and he would be making my kids scream. Today he is missed just like he has been for the last 1125 days. That will NEVER change. It's still just so unreal. Happy Birthday Paul. I love you. 

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