Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Germany.. Post One

If you ever get the chance and the possibility arrises to go to Germany, please hop on it. It's an amazing country with so many wonderful sites, things to do and amazing food to eat. I was born in Heidelberg, Germany and lived there for a total of 9 years. My family still lives there in a small town called Schmalnau. It's simple, it's pretty and it always feels like home. This past May, I got the chance to take my husband and son to Germany. One of my greatest wishes was that my husband could go to where I was born and see the many things I spoke of. Like the amount of walking the Germans did, the yummy pretzels sold on the street, the Kinder Eggs, the town where I was born, etc. It was awesome. It was everything I had wished for.

As I grew up over there, my parents took us all over Europe. I was able to go to France, Austria, Italy, Denmark and about every place in Germany. I really miss it. If I could live over there again, I would totally take that opportunity. What an amazing experience it would be for my kids as well. Especially with homeschooling. For now, I will be content with having been able to take the two of them to see such gorgeous sights. I have not posted any images of our trip besides the actual wedding that I shot. These are all mixed and in no particular order but rather a snapshot of a trip that will always give us such wonderful memories. 

They had these street statue men all over. If you gave them change, they would allow you to take a photo with them. Montana loved that! 

We stopped in Munich and had some yummy lunch and drinks at the Hofbrauhaus. This was Chris' favorite place to visit. :) 

The playgrounds in Europe are always to coolest. This one was in Salzburg, Austria. The boys enjoyed spending a little time playing here.

We went up the Zugspitze and saw the Alps... GORGEOUS! It was such a beautiful day and you could see for miles. This was one of my favorite stops.

The little plant on the right is called Brennessel. DO NOT be fooled. This little plant was a pain in the heiny! If you wacked someone with it and it hit their skin, it will make that area tingle for many hours. So of course having my husband and the twins was not a good thing when they found this out. Turned out our entire trip was spent trying to not get hit with it. :)

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